FIR filter design(window function method)

Filter type
Sampling freq. Hz
Cutoff freq.(Low) Hz *Specify cut off frequency less than half of sampling frequency.
Cutoff freq.(High) Hz *disable this content when you specify LPF or HPF.
Window Type
Kaiser Attenuation dB *Set between 22 to 200 after you selected Kaiser type
Gain(Pass Band) dB *default = 0[dB]
Gain(Stop Band) dB *default = -40[dB]
TAP Number *You only specify odd number.

Gain Character

Gain Character (dB)

Phase Character

Group Delay Character

difference equation

Y[n] = a0*X[n] + a1*X[n-1] + ... + ak*X[n-k]


specific lists

No, freq[Hz] , gain(magnification) , gain[dB] , phase[rad], group delay[smpl]