You can design some digital filters on this site.

The filters you can design are as follows.

Moving average filter
The gain types of low and high pass can be specified.
Although the phase character of lowpass filter can keep linear phase, the it of highpass cannot.
FIR filter
The gain characters of the filter are 5 types, low,high,bandpass,bandeliminate, and allpass.
These filters are designed as linear phase.
IIR filter
The gain characters of the filter are 4 types, low,high,band-pass, and band-eliminate.
You can't designed them as linear phase but can specify a cutoff gain by a decibel unit.

You can take results showed as follows.

*Gain character (magnification and decibel)
*Phase character
*Coefficient and Difference equations
*Group Delay character

You can include the filters in some applications if you substitude the coefficent for difference equations.
However, in case of 3 dimentions or more, the equation is resolved into factors as some pieces of 1 and 2 dimentional equations.
For example, in case 3 dimentional equation is resolved into factors as 1 and 2 dimentional equations.
In case 4 dimentional equation is resolved into factors as two pieces of 2 dimentional equations.
In that case, you will be able to take the characters you wish, if you connect them by cascaded connection.

What's New

Added Differencial Filter on designing page.
Added Hirbert Filter on designing page.
Added Group Delay Characteristic on AVE/FIR/IIR designing pages.
Added pass and stop band gains on FIR designing page.(-40 to 40 [dB])
Added specific lists(freq,gain,phase) on AVE/FIR/IIR designing pages.
Users can take specification of the filter as text lists.
The max of tap number is changed from 99 to 199 on AVE and FIR Filter.
The significant digit of AVE/FIR/IIR filter's coefficients are improved.
Added Kaiser window on FIR designing page. Users can specify the gain level between 22 to 200.
The digit of FIR/IIR filter's coefficients are improved from 6 to 8 after the decimal point.